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42pcs Tyre Spikes for Shoes Boots Gripping Spikes for fatbike Moutain Vehicel studs screw in Tire Stud Tungsten Tipped Fishing

42pcs Tyre Spikes for Shoes Boots Gripping Spikes for fatbike Moutain Vehicel studs screw in Tire Stud Tungsten Tipped Fishing

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Brand Name: HiRoRace

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Tungsten carbide Top Pin+ steel base

Model Number: R110

Capability: shoes studs

Capability 1: snow tire gripping spikes

Capability 2: Durable racing tire studs

Capability 3: Snow screw studs

Capability 4: Trekking pole studs

Capability 5: climbing boots studs

Capability 6: Moutain Vehicel spikes

Hardeness Tungsten Tip: 86-93HRA

42pcs Tyre Spikes for Shoes Boots Gripping Spikes for fatbike  Moutain Vehicel studs screw in Tire Stud Tungsten Tipped Fishing

Hardeness: 86~93HRA eaqual to 69~81HRC, Normal ,Steel :97~143HBS equal about 7HRC the top pin resistens is ten times to the noral steel .

For the tungten tip is HRA 86-93,Durable for racing .

【Great Anti-slip Function】When you install these studs to your tire, it brings a good anti-slip property for your tires. if for your tire need maybe about 100pcs to use on one tire
【Perfect Performance 】The greatest advantage of the tire spike is that it has a low ground pressure and it is environmentally with minimum impact
【 Easily Install And Remove 】Our tire studs can be easily installed and removed with the professional installation tools, can match well with your vehicle tires
【 High Quality 】This tire screw is constructed from high-strength steel, wear-resistance, ensure maximum strength and durability for long lasting usage, rational design, convenient to use
【Well Match 】Tyre screw is perfectly fit for most tires and add ultimate offroad capacity to your car, ATV, motorcycle, bike, shoes, etc. Length: 9.8mm/0.39". Diameter: 7mm/0.28". Tip Diameter: 2mm/0.08"
This tire studs can also be installed and disassembled according to the season, when not in use, it could be removed lightly and stored for using again in the following season. We stand behind all of our them with a 100% product guarantee and promise to give you the best in customer care!  If you have any issue about the item, please contact us by e-mail, we will try our best within 24 hours to reply.
Material: Steel
Color: Silver
Length: 9.8mm/0.39"
Diameter: 7mm/0.28"
Tip Diameter: 2mm/0.08"
Package Weight: approx. 30g

What is a Tire Stud?

A tire stud is a traction device that is installed into the tread of rubber tires. It consists of an outer jacket of steel or aluminum and a tungsten carbide pin that provides the traction. On passenger tire studs, this tungsten pin is 1mm in diameter and protrudes approximately 1mm from the top of the stud.

Do Studs Work?

Extensive testing by the tire and automotive industry as well as various government agencies have proven that tire studs can improve traffic safety in icy winter driving conditions. Tire studs increase tire friction on icy surfaces enabling drivers to stop sooner, accelerate quicker and maintain control on turns.

How Do I Get Studs Installed?

Tire studs are usually installed at a tire service center using specialized equipment. Many brands of winter tires have pre-molded holes designed to accept tire studs. We recommend that only new tires be studded as previously driven tires have stud holes that are plugged with dirt and can not be studded properly.

How many studs are in a tire?

Each passenger tire is designed to accept from 80 – 120 tire studs depending on the tire diameter and hole pattern. Larger diameter truck tires generally require more studs.

How far do studs protrude?

A correctly installed tire stud will have only the 1mm tungsten carbide pin protruding from the tire tread. A maximum of 1mm of the body may also protrude as the stud will seat correctly in this condition. Certain specialty studs and Rally racing studs have much more prominent protrusion. However, these rally type studs should not be driven on bare pavement.

Do studs ruin roads or fly out?

Extensive testing by highway departments throughout the world have concluded that modern winter tires and tire studs do much less damage to roads than the studs used 40 years ago. The use of radial tires, better road compounds and lighter weight studs have all contributed to significantly reduce road wear and rutting.

A properly installed tire stud has little chance of coming out of the tire during driving. The rubber of the tire compresses very strongly around the base flange of the stud and the rotational speed of the tire is not strong enough to dislodge the stud.

Look into details about the tool you need if you need the tool,should choose the right package.


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